Aug 28

Ticket Broker Software

If you wanted to buy tickets in bulk at a time then Ticket Broker Software is the best choice for you to go for. It is a one time investment and the rest of your life will be in peace.

Some Features of Ticketmaster Scalper Bot:

Web based work: this Ticketmaster Bot can work from anywhere, whether you are at home or at work even on road, you can play with this Ticketmaster Broker Software and you can buy bulk tickets. All of the features in this Ticketmaster monitoring application can be accessed through a web browser on your virtual operating system which doesn’t have the software installed.

Tickets Correspondence Tracking System: you will receive a message alert in case of any trouble ticket. You can also track the status of the tickets like, whether the ticket is new, open, resolved, dropped, or waiting for more input.

Email Alerts: you will keep on receiving the email alerts on every request or any new update related to the tickets.

Customized Fields or parameters: you can add customized number of tickets you are interested to buy in a one go and can set parameters as per your requirements of ticket buying.

Ticket Monitoring: customers and operators of tickets are always able to see the tickets information like ticket owner and rates and all.

Inventory Tracking: this inventory tracking of this Tickets Scalper Bot allows you to keep on check on the items such as servers and the websites which are selling the tickets and the information of the available tickets.

Usage Reporting: you can use this Ticketek Bot as a usage reporting like how much you are using any certain ticketing website.

These are just some of the features of this Ticket Bot, but this application is full of a bundle of you actual requirements that every ticketing broker needs. Get this Ticket Software at the earliest and speed up your business now.

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